The Global Ecosystem Monitoring Network is a Not for Profit Organisation which aims to bring together resources about monitoring earths natural ecosystems.

Here we will make available resources for schools, Tertiary and Higher Education facilities, Research institutions, Volunteer networks and any other group or individual about monitoring ecosystems.

While our primary objective is monitoring at an ecosystem level, we understand that some individual species, often referred to as 'keystone' or 'indicator' species are of vital importance and are often a good (and easier) way of being able to monitor how entire ecosystems are functioning.

In addition to these keystone species there are those often called 'iconic' species such as whales and dolphins, which are relatively easy to watch and provide a good target for the general community to be a valued part in helping our planets ecosystems.

Services that are planned to be available through this site include:
  • Maps
  • Access to Monitoring Protocols
  • Data Storage
  • Reporting Tools
  • Professional Networking

  • Internal Links

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